Broder & Sachse manages a wide variety of properties and property types. Therefore, the scope of services we are able to provide is vast. Some of the services described below may not apply to a particular assignment. Nonetheless, we describe them to illustrate the breadth of our capabilities, and in the event those or similar services are required at some later time in the future.


Services We Offer

  • Property Maintenance
  • Tenant and Condominium Owner Relations
  • Leasing and Lease Administration
  • Accounting And Financial Reporting
  • Financial and Feasibility Analyses
  • Insurance
  • Due Diligence Services
  • Real Estate Taxes
  • Construction Services
  • Space Inventory Management

Property Maintenance +

We utilize a “service desk” approach to manage tenant, resident & condominium owner maintenance issues and the work requests that result. We use a state-of-the-art property maintenance software program called Field One to implement our services. Under our approach, service requests are routed to a central processing and logistics desk where information is gathered as to location, type of issue and urgency. The service desk distributes the request to either an outside contractor or our maintenance staff. The system creates a permanent record of the work request which can be tracked by category or maintenance type. The system can also track the length of time from inception to close-out of the work order.

Property maintenance is coordinated through our service desk and management personnel through the use of either competitively bid third-party contractors or our own maintenance staff, whichever is most appropriate to the situation. We will:

  • Record, execute and monitor all work requests.
  • Make purchasing recommendations for supplies & services.
  • Monitor, maintain and keep logs on all major building systems.
  • Fully comply with all local, state and federal regulations in accordance with the required standards.

All our maintenance technicians carry smartphones with special “apps” that allow them to communicate with the office at all times and to update themselves and the service desk on a “real time” basis on the status of all service orders. We also utilize the latest technology in communicating with our tenants and condominium owners who can reach our service desk through several different means. Our Broder App also allows tenants to easily and quickly submit work orders requests. Whatever the scope of work, we find the most appropriate and cost-effective way of completing the work, so that over time our clients all have absolute trust and confidence in us and the services we provide.

Tenant and Condominium Owner Relations +

We recognize the needs of the tenants to concentrate on their core businesses and owners to be free from life’s annoyances, and we will ensure that the property functions smoothly on a daily basis. It is our goal to:

  • Develop customized tenant and owner relations programs to the specific property served.
  • Ensure prompt response to maintenance and leasing issues.
  • Implement programs for timely payment of all rental and other payments.
  • Be proactive in the workings of the tenants or ownership associations, to ensure the best possible event and marketing programs.

Leasing and Lease Administration +

Overhead Apartments

We will be responsible for all aspects of any leasing effort. As an owner/developer, we recognize that sometimes certain individuals in the leasing community are better suited to brokering certain product types. Therefore, it is our practice, with the owner’s approval, to sub-contract the leasing activities at a property in appropriate situations.

The purpose of doing this is two-fold: First, your managing agent retains control and ultimate responsibility for the leasing effort. Second, the owner retains maximum flexibility in being able to utilize the entire leasing community. We currently operate under this subcontract scenario at most of our properties.

In an effort to maximize cash flow and value and to properly administer leases, we will:

  • Manage overall leasing efforts in cooperation with the selected brokerage firm.
  • Monitor national and local market trends and market leasing rates.
  • Analyze existing facilities and rental rate structures.
  • Provide creative space planning to maximize return on investment.
  • Analyze potential re-positioning of assets in the marketplace.
  • Negotiate and prepare leases for client approval and tenant execution.
  • Supervise tenant move-in.
  • Ensure proper rent invoicing.
  • Ensure ongoing lease compliance.
  • Monitor accounts receivable on a weekly basis, and personally contact delinquent tenants, both to collect rent and to understand their cash flow difficulties as it relates to their core business.
  • Post space availability on our web site.

Accounting And Financial Reporting +

  • Preparation of annual operating budgets for cash flow forecasting as well as variance reporting.
  • Preparation of monthly financial reports using AMSI.
  • Set up of check and balance procedures for purchasing and payments.
  • Approval, encoding and processing of invoices.
  • Preparation and issuance of checks.
  • Maintenance of lease escalation and percentage rent tickler files.

Financial and Feasibility Analyses +

We will provide necessary lease analysis, or capital investment payback analysis, as well as long-term cash flow valuation analysis projections utilizing customized spreadsheet and discounted cash flow analysis software.

Insurance +

Although this cost may be borne by the tenants or individual property owners, it is imperative to control the quality and cost of property insurance. Through our contacts we can:

  • Ensure proper coverage at the best available rates.
  • Maintain tenant and vendor insurance certificates to ensure indemnification.
  • Monitor and process all claims.
  • Coordinate risk management compliance.
  • Provide participation in our master policy, if desired.

Due Diligence Services +

We perform due diligence property audits, when requested by our clients, for purchase or refinancing. Potential scopes can include:

  • Lease audits
  • Walk and assess all units
  • Review all building systems
  • Market Study
  • Interview site staff, to the extent possible
  • Review income and expenses
  • Review delinquency
  • Look for sources of additional income
  • Look for sources of expense reduction
  • Review all contracts, including cable, laundry
  • Prepare a summary of our review for your review

Real Estate Taxes +

To ensure the lowest possible tax burden and to help manage property cash flow, we will:

  • Coordinate real estate tax appeals directly or in conjunction with an outside tax appeal firm.
  • Coordinate payment of taxes in conjunction with the client’s cash management requirements.
  • Verify accuracy of real and personal taxes as well as special assessments.

Construction Services +

Our construction affiliate, Sachse Construction & Development Corp., can monitor ongoing projects and assist in the leasing effort by:

Overhead Apartments

  • Ensuring compliance with the owner’s design and construction standards.
  • Preparing space plans and sealed construction drawings.
  • Preparing budget pricing for building or tenant improvements.
  • Preparing documents for competitive bidding of construction projects.
  • Coordinating bidding and hire and supervise general contractor, if needed.
  • Supervising construction.
  • Ensuring proper payment of construction costs following job completion.

Space Inventory Management +

Sachse Construction’s architectural department may be utilized for comprehensive space inventory management. Each building and each space within a building can be catalogued so that leasing, space planning and construction personnel may have instant access to floor plans, leasing plans, stacking plans, etc. As building changes are made, master files are updated, so that all parties have up to the minute information regarding each property. Our architectural department utilizes Auto Cad 14.

Web Services +

Our clients, tenants, and prospects are able to participate in our Worldwide Website, Your property and space availability will be featured on the site, and tenants will be able to communicate with us, depending upon the property.

In our multifamily properties, we have a sophisticated web presence, with all properties having their own website and also listed on our proprietary multifamily website, Our tenants can pay their rent on the web, and also make service requests.