Acquisition & Development

Broder & Sachse has developed and acquired a wide variety of properties and property types for third parties, as joint venture partners, and for our own account. We also have the resources of full service property management, property maintenance, construction and architecture firms behind us. Therefore, the scope of services we are able to provide is vast.


We are accomplished at providing all of the following services:

Preparing project development and acquisition projections, including:


Overhead Apartments

  • Hard and soft cost projections
  • Operating budgets, including financial projections, information and packages required to finance, syndicate and present the project to interested parties
  • Critical path schedules of activities for all parties on the development team
  • Construction plans, site plans, floor plans, elevations and renderings

Building project development and acquisition teams, including qualifying, interviewing, hiring, and supervising the performance of project-appropriate teams comprised of:


  • Architects
  • Mechanical / electrical / plumbing engineers
  • Civil, structural, geotechnical, environmental, wetland and seismic engineers
  • Landscape architects and consultants
  • Feasibility and traffic consultants
  • Construction managers

"Broder & Sachse is continually focused on the economy and real estate market trends, which will allow us to capitalize on opportunities in the marketplace."

Negotiating the approvals and entitlements process, including meetings and negotiations with governmental bodies concerning:


  • Zoning and land use, utilities, permits, etc.
  • Disposition or use of existing structures
  • Wetland delineation and mitigation
  • Traffic impact considerations

Handling lease administration, including:


Overhead Apartments

  • Prepare lease form in consultation with owner’s counsel
  • Draft regulations and other rules and regulations of project
  • Prepare other form documents and stationery
  • Establish general lease rates and other guidelines with owner
  • Prepare lease proposals, conduct negotiations and finalize commitments with tenants

Marketing the project, including:


  • Dealings with the press and advertising
  • Preparation of marketing materials
  • Work with the community to ensure positive civic and public reaction

Conducting all financing activities, including:


  • Preparing financing package for prospective lenders
  • Working with mortgage brokers
  • Coordinating title insurance, surveys, estoppels and other requirements